R.I.S.E!  (Race: An In-depth Spiritual Examination)  Workshop Nov 17-18, 2022

The RISE! workshop is a learning experience that explores the mystery, the myths, and the making of race in the United States. Based upon core concepts from national anti-racism training models, this workshop is specifically designed with biblical and theological foundations. This workshop offers practical tools for pastors & lay leaders to encourage spiritual growth and generate meaningful next steps for themselves, their congregations, and their denominations. We will be hosting RISE! on the campus of Hood Seminary for a 2-day intensive workshop (November 17-18) and hope you’ll be able to attend. This event is limited to only 35 participants so please sign up now to get your seat. Because RISE! is unique, alumni of Deconstructing Racism and REI workshops are welcome and will have full participation.

Registration Fee Tiers
Because of funding support from a grant to offset a half of our costs for this workshop, our true participant cost is lowered to $130 and we hope this is not a burden for you or your church.  We don't want cost to be a factor and we have scholarship rates of $100 (Promo Code SCHOLAR1), $75 (Promo Code SCHOLAR2), and $30 (Promo Code SCHOLAR3) if needed for your participation.

The workshop includes beverages, morning and afternoon snacks plus a full lunch for both of the two days. You are encouraged to take notes and asked to bring your own pen and paper or e-tablet.

During the ongoing pandemic, we will follow COVID-19 safety protocols per advisements from the Rowan Health Department.